Lap Pool

Our 4 lane, 25 yard lap pool is kept at a cool 82-84 degrees. Just right for Aquatic exercise classes such as Aquafit, Masters Swim and many others.

Please note:
All lanes in the lap pool are noted as Lap/Swim lanes.  Children under the age of 14, when accompanied by an adult and swimming laps are allowed any time.  No noodles, bar bells etc, lap swimming only. (kickboards and their own equipment like fins, paddles etc allowed)
This is a shared space and some class times are subject to change. It is widely used by swimmers and walkers alike. Higher level swim lessons are also taught in the lap pool.

Children under 14 are generally not allowed unless they are lap swimming for exercise under direct adult supervision.

Our Co-Ed spa is kept at 100-102 degrees and can be enjoyed by those 16 and older.

Pool Rules (applies to all pools and spa)

  • Please shower before enjoying the pools or spa
  • Lifeguards, when on duty, are in charge of the pool and the safety of our members and guests
  • Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years and older to swim in all pools
  • Lap pool swimmers can be younger than 14 if accompanied by an adult and swimming laps for exercise
  • If your child is wearing a floatation device, you must be in the water, within arms reach
  • No inflatable floatation devices of any type are allowed
  • Deck is slippery when wet
  • No running or running jumps
  • No Diving and please no Flips or Twists when jumping
  • No Horseplay: pushing, shoving, riding on shoulders
  • No Hanging on ropes
  • No food or drinks, other than water, in the FAC or Lap Pool or within 5 feet of the Outdoor Family Aquatic Center
  • No breath holding or prolonged underwater swimming
  • Please see a lifeguard if you have any questions or need assistance