Lap Pool

Lap Pool Lane Reservation

We are pleased to offer our members scheduled lap swimming while adhering to our infection prevention requirements. This will look a little different than you are used to during this time. Please note, this reservation time is designated for swimming.

  • Lanes can be reserved for 30-minute intervals from 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. by members who are at least 14 years old.
  • Three lanes will be designated for use with one person per lane to allow for 6-foot social distancing in the pool.
  • Members will need to bring their own equipment if needed.
  • Please also note that the hot tub and sauna is closed.
  • Locker Rooms are open. 

How to schedule:

You can view the available times and book your lane up to 24-hours in advance in the Member Portal. Take advantage of our NEW Member Portal app to optimize your reservation experience! 

If you would like to schedule time in both the Lap and Family Aquatics Center pools, you will need to call the Welcome Desk for assistance. 603-742-2163

See our Safe Care Commitment and download the Member Responsibility form prior to coming in. 


About our Lap Pool 

Our 4 lane, 25 yard lap pool is kept at a cool 82-84 degrees. Just right for Aquatic exercise classes such as Aquafit, Masters Swim and many others.

Please note:
All lanes in the lap pool are noted as Lap/Swim lanes.  Children under the age of 14, when accompanied by an adult and swimming laps are allowed any time.  No noodles, bar bells etc, lap swimming only. (kickboards and their own equipment like fins, paddles etc allowed)
This is a shared space and some class times are subject to change. It is widely used by swimmers and walkers alike. Higher level swim lessons are also taught in the lap pool.

Due to distancing requirements, if children under 14 would like to swim laps a pod in the Family Aquatics Pool should be reserved and they must be accompanied by an adult from their household who is 18 or older.

Due to infection control protocols, our Co-Ed spa is currently closed.

Pool Rules (applies to all pools and spa)

  • Please shower before enjoying the pools or spa
  • Lifeguards, when on duty, are in charge of the pool and the safety of our members and guests
  • Lap pool swim for under the age of 14 is not available while COVID protocols are in place. Please reserve a spot in the FAC
  • If your child is wearing a floatation device, you must be in the water, within arms reach
  • No inflatable floatation devices of any type are allowed
  • Deck is slippery when wet
  • No running or running jumps
  • No Diving and no Flips or Twists when jumping
  • No Horseplay: pushing, shoving, riding on shoulders
  • No Hanging on ropes
  • No food or drinks, other than water, in the FAC or Lap Pool or within 5 feet of the Outdoor Family Aquatic Center
  • No breath holding or prolonged underwater swimming
  • Please see a lifeguard if you have any questions or need assistance



Lap Pool Challenge

New challenge coming soon! January 2021!