Taekwon Do

TaeKwon Do benefits everyone...


It increases your strength, flexibility, and overall health during a great cardio workout. Mr. & Mrs. B opened the school at the Works in 1999.

They have developed a program that utilities traditional TaeKwon Do philosophies and techniques to develop the whole person not just the reflexes.

As a family of four training, they have created a family friendly program with a positive learning environment. At Mr. Bís TKD you learn to protect yourself while you build your self-confidence.

Take your first 2 or 3 classes for free- Start your black belt journey today!

Contact Mrs. B for more information:


Phone: (603) 534-3868
Email: kickwithus@comcast.net
Website: www.mrbtkd.com

Why train at Mr. Bís TKD?

  • Family atmosphere
  • Ongoing enrollment
  • Flexible class schedule
  • Instructors who care
  • Family classes
  • img
  • Great family pricing
  • Beginner classes 4xs a week
  • Black Belt classes
  • Annual tournament
  • Training with a Grandmaster
  • Testing with a Grandmaster
  • Specialty classes
  • Summer camps
  • Vacation camps
  • Board breaking over 6x's a year
  • Guest instructors seminars
  • Black Belt Demo Team