Commit to Get Fit Program

New Class Session Launch Dates:

Welcome to our NEW January Class participants! Miss the start date? Here's our next class enrollment dates! 

  • Wednesday, February 21st
    5:30-7:30pm with Katie
    FREE INFO NIGHT: Wednesday, February 7th at 5:30pm

  • Tuesday March 13th
    5:30-7:30pm with Brooke
    FREE INFO NIGHT: Tuesday, February 27th at 5:30pm

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We now offer a NEW FEATURE! Included in your Session: A consultation with the Registered Dietitian to customize your nutrition plan. (Insurance will be billed)

The 90-Day Commit to Get Fit Program is a 90-day program designed to give people the necessary education and experience to establish a customized fitness, nutrition and stress management plan to break through and meet their individual health and wellness goals. With help from a wellness coach, participants will establish a customized wellness plan.

You may be eligible for health insurance reimbursement! Do you have "wellness dollars" to use? Check with your insurance! 

In each week of the 13-week program, participants will:

  • Create a customized nutrition, fitness and stress management plan based on their body type, schedule, interests and lifestyle
  • Learn how food combinations impact weight loss and identify healthy foods through nutrition label reading and grocery shopping techniques
  • Learn how to properly prepare their body for exercise and to get the most benefit from their exercise time based on their fitness level and ability
  • Learn how stress impacts their overall health and how to manage it
  • Use an online portal to establish individual wellness plans, engage their wellness coach to review their results and track their progress




13-Week Program Investment includes:

  • Pre and Post Health Risk Assessment
  • Access to Online Portal
  • Personal Health Coach
  • Classroom and a variety of exercise options



Typical Results seen by participants completing the 13-week CTGF Program:

  • Average Weight loss 15 lbs
  • Waist size decrease 3.1 inches
  • Cholesterol decrease 17 points
  • Blood pressure decrease 11points
  • Body mass index decrease 7.7 %




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