Follow Matt's journey starting February 21st! 


My name is Matt Lyman and Iím the Sales Manager from 98.7 The Bay and WTSN 98.1-AM and 1270-AM and 98.1-FM in Dover. Iím 35 years old and have been working at Dover stations since June of last year. Since that time Ė Iíve really put on a lot of weight and have been living a pretty sedentary lifestyle. Iím really tired a lot of the time, and have terrible eating habits.

Iíve decided to enroll in the 90-Day Commit To Get Fit Program with The Works Family Health and Fitness Center because Iím ready to make some life changes. I weigh more than I ever have, my confidence and self esteem is low because of it. My goal bring my weight, health, and quality of life back into balance.

Iím very excited about all parts of the program. My position is very stressful so Iím excited to learn some strategies for dealing with stress. The components that I think are important for that are nutrition, fitness,  and relaxation, and increased cardiovascular endurance.

Join me and following my journey by following the Works Facebook page and  the WTSN Facebook page. 

My first class is on 21st of February, a few days after my Birthday and I couldnít think of a better way to start I the next year of my life, than by Committing to Get Fit!