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Works Performance Enhancement Center Class Descriptions 

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Fit Body Boot Camp

Briana (, ext. 864)

Have you ever wanted to build lean muscle while connecting with like-minded people working towards the same goals? If so, this class is for YOU! Come join a strength training class that will get the most out of you!! Whether you are just a beginner wanting to learn how to build muscle, a person with some experience, or an athlete looking to improve and enhance your strength, this class will fit all your needs! Functional Strength & Conditioning 

Functional Strength & Conditioning 

Corey (, ext. 809)

A functional approach to total body strength and conditioning focusing on compound movements that work multiple muscle groups. Whether it is utilizing your own bodyweight on the TRX Trainer, challenging yourself with free weights, or improving your form on powerlifts, this class will incorporate it all. In addition to the strength component, we’ll utilize kettlebells, slam balls, bosu balls and battle ropes for some High-Intensity-Interval-Training to improve the cardiovascular system and build up lean muscle. 

Total Body Strength

Nicole (, ext. 825) 

This class provides a total body workout with a focus on developing strength and muscle by working the whole body but different body parts each day.  Ideally, participants could attend 2 to 4 days each week to achieve maximum results.  Each class starts with myofacial release techniques then functional/dynamic warm-ups to ready the body and stretching if needed.  Followed by 20 -30 minutes focused on strength and technique for the body parts that day.  Expect to learn the exercises first, master the technique and gain the strength!  The last 20 minutes of each day we end with metabolic conditioning and core work that compliments the workout for that day.  Please feel free to come to class with no experience and leave class confident by the end!  


Nicole (, ext. 825) 
This class will compliment members who attend Performance Enhancement Center’s MWF classes and want to focus on functional movements, flexibility and core on their days in between and also for the first time exerciser who would like to learn how to move correctly and efficiently before taking on higher level classes.  We will start each days warming up and moving the body, followed by 20 minutes of whole body strength utilizing various styles of training from physio-balls to TRX suspension training and closing with 20 minutes of low impact HITT style cardio.  Come have fun and feel safe moving your body to get into better shape.  All fitness levels welcomed.

Total Body Circuit

Carrie (, ext. 863)

This class will offer a full body workout using a variety of exercises and equipment in a circuit style format. It offers an array of exercise configurations and intervals to challenge the body in different ways each time you attend class. Incorporating both strength and cardiovascular components, you will be sure to leave class feeling like you got it all. This class is great for any level of fitness, with modifications available to either challenge or simplify. It will take the thought out of figuring out a structured workout routine. Suitable for most fitness levels.