Member Portal

Click Here to Enter The Member Portal

PLEASE NOTE! The "Bookings" tab is no longer available. It has been replaced with "Appointments." Please utilize the "Appointments" tab to register for class sign ups or supervised programs. Thanks!

Click here to enter the reservation system.

Through the portal’s dashboard tab you will be able to:

  • View and print your billing/charge history
  • View and print your usage
  • Update your street and email addresses
  • Update your billing information. (Visa and Mastercard only.)
  • We Do not Honor American Express and Discover at the time.
  • Checking and Savings Account are permitted

Click "Enter Here" below and click "NEW USER" (you will need your member number) and follow the prompts to set up an account!

Please contact our Bookkeeping Department if you have any questions that cannot be answered via the portal. 603-742-2163

TIP: When looking at your Billing History under the “View History A/R”, if you choose to “View Printable Version” you will see a running balance.

Online Registration/Reservations

Group Fitness Class or Supervised Program

Registration for Group Fitness classes listed below opens 24 hours prior to that Group Fitness Class start time. This online registration is an additional way to sign up for your convenience. 

The following are available for online registration:

  • Supervised Gym
  • Supervised Swim
  • Fit Spot

  • RPM™
  • Cycle
  • Deep Water 
  • Zumba®

Member Portal Login Information

What you will need: 

Member #, email address that is attached to your account (please confirm/add to your account and your child’s account prior to logging on).

Click here to enter the reservation system.


  • Click on “Member Portal Enter Here”
  • On the next screen click again on Member Portal Enter Here
  • Login to the portal with your user name and password.  If this is your first time logging into the portal you will be asked to create an online account.  You will need to use the email address we have on file at The Works and have your Member ID or Key Tag number available.
  • If you are signing your child up for a program you must create an online account specifically for that child using an email address and their Member information.  Most children do not have an email attached to their account so please make sure this step is done prior to attempting login.
  • Once you are logged in you will need to click on the Appointments Tab
  • On this screen type the name of the class you are searching for in the “search by class name” box  then click search.  OR you can scan down the list of classes available
  • Click on the “Details” button of the class you would like to register for
  • Click on “enroll”
  • Click on “Add to Cart”
  • Click on “Checkout”
  • Click on “Submit Order”

Congratulations!  You are now registered for the class!