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Goal Based Small Group Training

The Academy experience is more than just an hour-long  session with an instructor. It is a progressive curriculum designed to educate and develop all its participants through science-backed methods via our industry-leading knowledge and experience. Pending your program, we will be utilizing TRX, kettlebells, Rogue strength and conditioning equipment, compound lifts, Concept 2 rowers,  AirAssault bikes, Barre (bars/hand weights/mini-balls/bodyweight)  and so much more. 

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Class Descriptions: 


Our unique program includes professional instruction and progression in your major powerlifts and many variations thereof. This focus on the major body movements will continually challenge you in developing your improved form, agility, speed, power and overall strength. Accessory work will also be done to improve identified areas for improvement.


Utilizing advanced training methods and MyZone heart rate technology, your coach will design a high intensity calorie burning workout that focuses on cardiovascular function while incorporating specific strength components.


Each class will focus on total body, high intensity workouts that help you continue to burn calories 12-24 hours post workout. We will improve core strength and stability with a focus on total body movement and mechanics. In addition to increasing mobility and flexibility through dynamic movements, you will improve your cardiovascular stamina and teach your body how to efficiently burn calories.


Function will teach your body how to properly activate the muscles required to perform your daily tasks, ensuring you are doing your part in injury prevention, improved movement mechanics and overall stability, mobility and balance.  Function also features a corrective exercise program based on increasing the functionality of movement and to improve your overall quality of life. 

YOUTH ACADEMY: Starts in September! 

The Youth Academy puts a focus on safe, effective and efficient youth physical development accomplished through a progressive fitness curriculum. The Youth Academy will teach its students the fundamentals of exercise to better prepare them for activities that they endure throughout the day. The curriculum will build on these fundamentals, ensuring they establish safe and proper exercise techniques as they progress through the program. This is ideal for any young athlete looking to establish strength, improve the way they move and develop healthy habits for a lifetime.

  • Safe and effective progressive program for youth
  • Learn and improve upon exercise fundamentals
  • Establish healthy exercise habits


(55 min class) 

Barre class is a ballet-inspired exercise routine that combines Yoga, Pilates, dance, and functional training.This progressive class can help you build lean muscle mass, strengthen your core, lose weight, and improve posture. In addition to using the bar, equipment such as mini-balls and small hand weights to sculpt, slim and stretch your entire body will be used in class. Instructors teach you with the intent of progression using a safe approach with modifications as needed.
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