Facility Construction Updates and Instructions

We will be using this page to post announcements about our upcoming construction changes and NEW and improved features! 

January18th, 2018 

Please be sure to check out the NEW Works Training Academy with Barre Classes here. 



December 29, 2017

The NEW Entrance is now open! Please consider this as you park and enter our lot. We appreciate your patience as we navigate the new entrance! 

December 27, 2017

The Cardio Express is now open! Come check out the changes, space and equipment! 

December 22, 2017

Due to unforeseen construction delays due to the winter storms we will be opening the new entrance on or around Wednesday, January 3rd.  We want to have everything just right for the opening of our new entrance and the new equipment as well as the layout changes to the fitness areas.  

We hope that these improvements will be a great start for 2018.  If further details emerge, we will post them here.
Wishing you a very Happy Holiday and Happy New Year! 


December 18, 2017

The time is fast approaching for us to complete Phase I of construction of the new Front Entrance.  We are very excited about this change and what it will mean to the future of The Works.  Below is a list of changes you should anticipate and what I hope it means for you.

Entry Project Phase I Completion

List of anticipated upcoming changes:

  • The new front entrance will officially open on December 26th.  This means that the current entrance will be sealed off and you can only enter the building through the new entrance.

  • Convenient parking will shift to area closest to the new entrance.  We hope this will create more convenient parking, less congestion, and improved security through better lighting and monitoring with our security cameras.

  • The new service desk will have a new design and be called our “Welcome Center”.  Our new Welcome Center (service desk) will feature two (2) service lines to better meet your individual needs and transactions.  Note, only one line may be open during slower periods.

  • Current Program Desk will relocate and will be part of the Welcome Center called “Guest Services”.  We hope that relocating this service will be more convenient and more centrally located. To start it will be staffed Mon – Fri from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm.

  • Three new entry lanes and security gates.  The new entrance will feature three (3) lanes of traffic-
    1) Full Service Lane,
    2) Express Entrance Lane, and
    3) Exit Lane.

    Each lane will be controlled by a glass security gates. 

    The Full Service lane is designed to handle those needing to conduct transactions such as guest visits, payment on accounts, nursery check-ins, etc. 

    The Express Entrance lane is designed to facilitate those seeking quick entry without delay. 

    The Exit Lane will serve all members upon departure. 

    In all cases we aim to recognize you by name with a warm welcome or fond farewell.  Important to note, you will need your scan tag or smart phone to scan your unique membership bar code to activate the gate. 

    We realize that many members may not have their original scan tag or prefer to carry their smart phone, so we will have staff on hand to assist you in downloading your unique bar code associated with your membership. We highly recommend using your smart phone if possible.
    Don't have our App yet or need to get your Bar Code added to the app?
    See below for instructions! 

    Please do not push, pull, or touch the glass gates as this will interrupt their normal operation. 

    It is our hope that these changes will provide reassurance to the safety of you, your family, and your belongings.  

  • The Cardio Express Room will be larger and more open.  The current rear wall be removed and offer treadmills, climbers, and elliptical trainers in the new space.  The current room will be configured differently. Stay tuned for more information in the coming week! 


Entry Project Phase II 

With the opening of the new entrance, Phase II of construction will begin and continue through March.  This will mean closing of the current front entrance and service desk area.  In addition, we will be closing our food & beverage operation, pro shop, and drink machine. 

Phase II will focus on constructing a new Juice Bar, Food Court, Pro Shop, and Membership offices.
Check out a rendering of this new area:


Get your Digital Barcode on your Smartphone! 


  • Open The Works app on your smartphone / sign in 
  • Select the small barcode at the top left of your screen
  • Enter your member barcode from your scan tag (Don't have yours? Ask a member of our team to help get your # for you.) 
  • Next time you come in, open the app and click the barcode and use the Express Lane! 


It is our sincere hope that this will provide you with a better member experience, improved convenience and security, and better parking. It is our goal with these changes to provide better service and engagement to you, now and long into the future.

Best regards,

Bob Stedman

Executive Director
The Works Family Health & Fitness Center