Annual Indoor Family Aquatics Closure: Schedule changes here

Please see below for class/program chart to assist you with changes as well as downloadable PDF schedules.

The Lap Pool is reopened!

A Note from our Executive Director: 

August 3, 2018

Dear Works Members,

It is time again for our annual pool cleaning. These annual cleanings and maintenance are important to our ongoing quality of facilities to maintain the highest standards set by Wentworth-Douglass Hospital and our industry. We realize this is coming up quickly and apologize for the short timeframe as this is the only time our contracted company could schedule, due to their unforeseen conflicts.   We are grateful however that this allows us to still utilize the outdoor pool during this closure and limits the number of class and lesson cancellations to minimize any drop in service to our members. 

Here are a few areas we are working on:

  • Changing the water in the pools to keep it fresh
  • Cleaning of the pool deck for proper sanitation and safety
  • Scrubbing the walls of the pools and hot tub for proper sanitation, safety, and prevent discoloration
  • Servicing the pumps and filters for proper water quality and sanitation

Unique this year we will also:

  • Stain the pool deck which will improve our ability to maintain a higher level of cleanliness, and brighten the room
  • Replace the foggy window which have failed seals over time

Please note in the charts below details on programmatic changes or closures during this time.  Note that the Family Aquatic Center will close for two weeks this year to allow the contractors the necessary time to prep and stain the pool deck.  To assist you in the details of programmatic changes see the modified pool class schedule.



We thank you for your patience during this time of facility maintenance and improvements.  If the class you are accustomed to taking is not available and you’re looking for help or suggestions, please contact Mary Defreze or Samantha Merchant for guidance at 603-742-2163.

Again we thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing you at the Center.

Best regards,

Bob Stedman

Executive Director

Aquatics Class Schedule for August 12-19:



Aquatics Class Schedule for August 20-September 3:


Download your schedules here: