Exploration, NEW! Voyagers, Adventure and Leadership Camp


Exploration Camp

10:1 camper/counselor ratio, Campers entering 3rd grade Fall 2019
Learning to welcome new experiences and challenges through games and activities are the heart of the Explorer’s day. They will be astonished at how much they will learn about themselves by the end of the summer.

NEW! Voyagers Camp

10:1 camper/counselor ratio, Campers entering 4th grade Fall 2019
Voyagers will spend their days working together to solve challenges and participating in various types of physical activity. They will play a variety of cooperative and competitive games keeping them active and engaged all summer.

Adventure Camp

10:1 camper/counselor ratio, Campers entering 5th -7th grade Fall 2019
Teamwork and responsibility are the focus of the Adventure day. Learning to work together and respect each other’s differences are lessons they will take with them long after the summer tans have faded.


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Leadership Camp

Campers entering 8th or 9th grade by Fall 2019
Does your teen love helping younger children? Are they looking for something fun and challenging to do this summer? This is the opportunity for them! Teens accepted into this program will focus on team building, problem solving, and leadership development.

Space is limited

$100 members
$115 community members

Full weeks only