Fitness Consultations

What is a Fitness Consultation?

Our Fitness Consultation program is a unique fitness club service and experience. Members who have attended a Fitness Consultation have a greater success rate achieving their goals.

It includes:

  • A review of health and wellness goals.
  • Discussing what obstacles are preventing you from reaching those goals.
  • Help develop a plan and formulate a guideline to get started.
  • Provide more information about the different programs we offer to help reach those goals, such as Commit to Get Fit, Personal Training, Small Group Training and group exercise classes.
  • InBody composition analysis (elective). This provides in-depth information on body fat, muscle mass, hydration, visceral fat, BMR and BMI to help formulate baseline health measurements.

Reviewing and setting goals is a proven way to achieve success. Finding ways to overcome obstacles through discussion and, with the help of individualized programs, will help reach those goals.

Preparing for your Fitness Consultation

  • Try not to eat or drink anything for at least two hours prior to the appointment. Including caffeinated drinks or food.
  • Do not exercise at least 12 hours before the appointment.
  • Do not have alcohol 24 hours prior to the appointment.

Will I get an exercise program?

Actually you can ask, will I get the best possible fitness prescription to ensure results? And the answer to that question is a resounding yes! The problem with many fitness facilities is that they will provide members with a generic work out program with their membership. Because fitness needs are so different, the majority of these programs will get some basic results for a very short time, not get any results, create further problems or potential imbalances or injuries, and lead to frustration and monotony.

Exercise programs are available on a myriad of web sites and in numerous fitness and health magazines.

If that’s all it took to get results, there would be no need for you to register with a fitness facility and meet with a Fitness Consultant. The truth is that most members require far more than a program and that the real cause of their lack of results is more to do with knowledge, technique, support and motivation and accountability. Your Fitness Consultant will do their very best to work on the causes of any obstacles standing in the way of your results, and will listen closely to your concerns and needs. Rest assured, you will be provided with the best possible solution to get your on track allowing you to maximize your membership experience. Don’t settle for anything less!

Can I use the facility before my consultation?

We will do everything possible to ensure that you get an appointment for your consultation within 7 days of your registration.

You will be given your membership card to allow you to access our facility. We are also aware that many of you have trained at facilities in the past. If not, we highly recommend that you have a staff member (Fit Squad) demonstrate how to use some of the cardio and fitness equipment if you need assistance.

How do I schedule my Fitness Consultation?

If you are a new member, you most likely were given the opportunity to schedule your consultation at your membership appointment.

If you are a current member and never had a consultation, or just need a “refresher”, please contact Corinne at 603-742-2163, ext. 814.

Or, you may email Corinne Cannata. to schedule your consultation.

*Please note: If you cannot make your appointment, please call and let us know as soon as possible, preferably 24 hours before.