Holley Samuel

Registered Dietitian, RD, LD, CPT

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Phone: 603-742-2163 x876
Email: Holley.Samuel@wdhospital.com

Holley Samuel RD, LD, CPT

I grew up as a physically active individual who competed horses and had a passion for learning about how the body worked. I now participate in long distance running, hiking, yoga, stand-up paddle boarding, and pretty much any other activity that involves movement! One of the many reasons that I became a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer is that I have a passion for learning about how to fuel and train the body to achieve its optimal potential. I hope to guide members who work with me to make peace with food while finding exercise that enriches their lives so that they can reach their health and wellness goals. I believe that kale is just as important to the diet as chocolate chip cookies (my favorite food), and that sleeping in on the weekends is just as thrilling as completing a marathon.