Beth Janelle

Personal Trainer, Wellness Consultant, Fit Squad

photo of Beth Janelle

Phone: 603-742-2163

Education: NASM Certified Personal Trainer NASM Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist First Aid/CPR/AED Certified

Role at The Works:
Personal Trainer, Wellness Consultant, Fit Squad Member

About Me: After growing up playing sports and participating in Cape Cod Lifeguard Competitions, I started to get more into my personal fitness after college at UNH. While living in Boston, I started running, and soon realized my love for the activity! I started doing half marathons and full marathons, eventually focusing on trail running. I added resistance training into the mix, and soon I wanted to help people get in shape like I had done for myself! In 2015 I moved to San Diego where I worked full time as a Personal Trainer, when I wasn’t busy hiking, surfing, and biking my way around Southern California. My approach to training starts with educating my clients on the right ways to safely workout and change their body. I love designing programs that are not only effective, but that are fun and exciting for people too! I work with those who are brand new to fitness, as well as those who just need a change from their old workout plan. Start living your best life with me, today!

Favorite Exercise: Trail Running or HIIT

Least Favorite Exercise: Abs