Harmani Boudreau

Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

photo of Harmani Boudreau

Phone: 603-742-2163

Education: NASM- Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Advanced LesMills®️ BodyPump®️, RPM®️, BodyJam®️, and Sh’Bam®️, Licensed Zumba®️ Instructor, Certified Barre Above®️ Instructor

My Role at The Works: Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

About Me: Athletics and fitness has always been a part of my life. From running, to soccer, bodybuilding to cycling, hiking to dancing. I have definitely found my passion and purpose through assisting others make positive changes to their life through health and fitness. Watching others transform their lives not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually, brings me so much joy! Whether it be leading a group fitness class, small group training, or personal training, I am humbled to have a small part in people’s fitness journey. Some other passions and hobbies of mine are dancing, playing guitar, singing, soaking up the sun shine outdoors, going to the movies, drinking coffee, napping and cuddling with my 3 cats. I am continually motivated in learning how to improve my profession to help others make healthy changes to their lives.

My ‘WHY’: “You have to go to that place you’ve never been...To be transformed into the person you have never seen!”

Favorite Exercise: I love them all...But Lunges and Barbell Rows are at the top.

Least Favorite Exercise: I don’t have one. I love a challenge.