Nicole M. Figueredo (Rozanski)

Personal Trainer/Medical Fitness Specialist

photo of Nicole M. Figueredo (Rozanski)

Phone: 603-742-2163 x825

I am a graduate of the University of Maine and I have worked in the Health and Fitness field for 12 years in various positions. I love fitness, the outdoors and sports so I am always finding a way to be active. When I am not at the gym I can usually be found, running, hiking (we are finishing the 48 this year!) canoeing/kayaking, and my newest addition, cycling. Anything I can do with my four legged companion is the best. And when I am looking for some downtime I find it in the garden where we try to grow all of our own organic food.

B.S. in Kinesiology/Nutrition with a concentration in Health & Wellness, Minor in Outdoor Recreation Education & a M.S. in Exercise Science American College of Sports Medicine Professional and Certified, Les Mills RPM Instructor and Certified, Archery Instructor and Rock Climbing Instructor, CPR/First AID certified and NOLS certified

Role at The Works:
Personal Trainer
Small Group Trainer
Group Fitness Instructor
Corporate Wellness Coordinator

Favorite Exercise: Pullups!

Least Favorite Exercise: Planks (I have to be moving)