From Lauren about RPM™:

As a mom who works full time, I have never wanted to sacrifice exercise as well. When I work out, I need to get the most bang for my buck and RPM has helped me achieve that. Not only is it an intense cardio workout, but it's also great for muscle toning. I have been doing cycle classes for almost 3 years and I love that it's always "my ride ". I can increase the intensity as much as I want and it never gets old or boring.

From Ed about RPM™:

Sometimes classes at a fitness center can be intimidating, especially if your a 1st timer. The second you get on the bike for an RPM class all the intimidation disappears. It's my ride. I go as hard as I can then the music pushes me harder then the energy in the room pushes me to the limit until the amazing instructors motivate me to go harder. I love RPM because it is the cardio workout that works the whole mind and body!