Wentworth-Douglass Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital: Resources and Updates COVID-19

As part of the Wentworth-Douglass Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital family, The Works Family Health and Fitness Center relies on our guidance and preparation from the leaders in healthcare. We have gathered some quick reference links for you below.


Wentworth-Douglass Hospital frequently updates information on their COVID-19 update page. 

Find information on symptoms, helpful resources, COVID-19 Testing, Frequently Asked Questions, Protecting Yourself, Closures and more:


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COVID-19 Community Hotline: 603-609-6000


In the News:

Quick Links to Resources from Wentworth-Douglass Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital: 

  • Tips for keeping hands hydrated and healthy.  Are your hands cracked or dry from extra handwashing or hand sanitizer use? Hear tips to prevent cracked or dry skin from Dr. Mathew Avram, Director of Massachusetts General Hospital's Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center. Watch here.
  • Massachusetts General Hospital Physicians Answer Questions about COVID-19. Watch here.