Policy Updates

Due to the recent escalation of COVID-19 infections, and the increased presence of the Delta Variant in our community, we are implementing changes to our current face covering protocols at the Works. We're making these temporary changes to protect the health of our members, staff, and community.

Group Fitness classes in all studios (except for aqua classes) will require use of a mask by participants and staff starting Monday, August 23. In addition, since spotting does not allow for social distancing, we require that all individuals wear a mask if spotting is needed in the strength training area. As a reminder, masking continues to be required while traveling through the building, in locker rooms, between exercise equipment, and in the downstairs Cardio Zone.

We are implementing these temporary measures in areas where we cannot ensure appropriate social distancing at all times. We will continue to monitor positivity rates in our community and make changes as appropriate. 

Please be advised that ONLY VACCINATED members and staff can remove their masks while actively exercising in our facility - per CDC guidelines. We appreciate your diligence in maintaining social distance while unmasked. 

Thank you for your consistent dedication to your health and fitness!.  
As a general guideline, below are our face covering policies, which are based on current CDC protocols:


  • Masks OPTIONAL when 6' social distancing can be maintained.


  • Masks OPTIONAL when exercising EXCEPT during Group Fitness Classes and while spotting in the strength training area. (Times when social distancing cannot be maintained)
  • Masks REQUIRED when navigating through the facility.
  • Downstairs Cardio Zone is a Mask-required area. 


  • No longer required for basketball courts but please check the Welcome Center for availability prior to shooting. 
  • No longer required for the Indoor Track
  • No longer required for the Sauna 
  • No longer required for the Outdoor Pool 

Reservations will continue in the following areas: Group fitness classes, Indoor Pools, Tennis and Racquetball courts. 



Contact Information

  • If you have questions for our Membership team, please complete our form or call 603-742-2163 extension 806.