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HealthyCARE® 90 Day Program Class OR HealthyCARE Membership! 

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Pricing: $40 per month with insurance coverage- Registered Dietitian appointment required.
Dietitian visits available, pending insurance coverage.
Members, your dues will be frozen during the class term.

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What is it?

The HealthyCARE® 90 Day Program is a comprehensive wellness program designed to provide an education to enrich your life and help you become healthier. A nationally Certified Genavix Wellness Coach guides each class through 12 weeks of fitness, nutrition, stress management and behavior modification. In addition, you will meet with the Registered Dietitian three times for additional support and nutritional counseling.

Usually, this group meets once a week for 60-75 minutes (class adjust depending on purpose) and covers a wide range of topics. At the end of the program, you will have endless knowledge and motivation to sustain your goals for a lifetime. Several maintenance programs are available at the end of the program to ensure that you have the tools and support necessary to stay on track.

Members will work in a group setting with one of our health coaches to learn about nutrition, exercise, stress management and behavior change with the ultimate goal of improving their overall wellness. The class will run for an hour and fifteen minutes with the first hour being lecture-based material and the last fifteen minutes being an introduction/explanation of what the exercise portion is that given week. Some weeks the health coach will run the class through a workout, other weeks the health coach will assign a workout and members will do this on their own time. Each member will receive a set of resistance bands to participate fully in the exercise portion.

During these times, taking care of yourself and your overall health should be top priority. Many of us have been having a hard time balancing work, home, and personal time and often have found that we are putting our own health on the back burner. Now is the perfect time to get yourself back on track and we are here to help you get started! Participating in our HC90 class will give you the tools that you need to live your healthiest life while having fun along the way.


90 Day Program

"I had been struggling with my weight loss and fitness goals for some time, so  I was very excited when The Works was offering a Virtual 90-Day HealthyCARE program. This was just the kickstart I needed to get back on track. The weekly classes with Brooke Davis, our Health Coach, though virtual style, are very informative and I feel encouraged at the end of each class to make healthier choices. She also follows up throughout each week with additional exercise routines and recipes that are geared to our personal preferences. 
I also have the privilege of meeting with Erika Behrmann, RD. She brings the program to a more personal level with setting up specific nutritional goals that are best for me. 
I started seeing results right away with weight loss, increased energy, and lower blood pressure. This has been one of the best decisions I made for myself in 2020!"

-Kelly, July HC90 Class Member

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In each week of the 90-Day program, participants will:

  • Create a customized nutrition, fitness and stress management plan based on their body type, schedule, interests and lifestyle
  • Learn how food combinations impact weight loss and identify healthy foods through nutrition label reading and grocery shopping techniques
  • Learn how to properly prepare their body for exercise and to get the most benefit from their exercise time based on their fitness level and ability
  • Learn how stress impacts their overall health and how to manage it
  • Use an online portal to establish individual wellness plans, engage their wellness coach to review their results and track their progress


90-Day Program Investment includes:

  • Weekly 1 hour and 15 minute group class (virtual class may be available)
  • Access to the facility- all equipment and classes included
  • Weekly feedback and encouragement
  • Resistance bands to complete your workouts at home, if necessary 
  • Access to 2 private wellness group workouts each week
  • Online dashboard to track health and fitness progress

Typical Results seen by participants completing the HealthyCare 90 Day Program:

  • Average Weight loss – 12 lbs
  • Waist size decrease – 2inches
  • Cholesterol decrease – 24 points
  • Blood pressure decrease – 11 points

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