Spaces and Amenities Workout Floors: Free Weight Zone:

This area allows the exerciser to use a variety of free weight, multi-purpose equipment. Great for the beginner to advanced exerciser.


  • 5-150 lb. dumbbells
  • 1 Smith machine
  • 3 squat racks
  • 2 deadlifting platforms (NEW sound-suppression)
  • 5 benches
  • 1 chest press station
  • 1 Rogue Fat Pad Competition Bench
  • 1 incline chest press station
  • 1 decline chest press station
  • 1 preacher curl machine
  • 1 plate loaded leg press
  • 1 leg extension machine
  • 1 Matrix Glute Trainer
Plate-Loaded & Cable Zone:

This area has a variety of cable and strength machines. This area is home to some of our newest equipment from Hammer Strength. These machines are great for the beginner to the advanced exerciser.


  • Life Fitness, 8- sided cable machine
  • Hammer Strength V-Squat machine (This machine is ergonomically correct with a natural squatting position, reducing back and knee strain through a curved arc of motion.)
  • Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded Belt Squat machine (Helps keep the load on the legs and not the back.)
  • Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded Unilateral Lat Pulldown machine
  • Hammer Strength Unilateral Shoulder Press
  • Hammer Strength Unilateral Low Row
  • Hammer Strength Unilateral Chest Press
  • Life Fitness multi-purpose cable machine
  • Life Fitness Plate-Loaded Calf Raise
"Strength Zone"-Beginner to Advanced

Build strength with the Eagle NX line form LifeFitness. It is built to withstand rigorous movement yet gentle on the joints, and designed for all fitness levels yet focused on individual results, Eagle NX provides an unparalleled workout experience.

All machines provide easy access and a QR code that will allow the user to scan and get a full video for clear usage instructions.


  • Cybex Eagle NX
    • Arm Extension
    • Pulldown
    • Over Head Press
    • Chest Press
    • 2-Abduction/Adduction
    • Row
    • Arm Curl
    • Leg Press
    • Glute
    • Leg Curl
    • Leg Extension
  • Life Fitness
    • Calf Extension
    • Torso Rotation
    • Back Extension
    • Pec Fly/Rear Deltoid
    • Assisted Dip/Chin
    • Hammer Strength Ab Crunch
Functional Zone

This area allows a wide diversity of functional exercises to be performed on the turf area. This area also includes 6 Human Sport cable machines, and 3 new Life Fitness strength pieces. Great for beginner to advanced exercisers.


  • Human Sport Cable Machines
    • Ab Crunch
    • Glute
    • Shoulder/Chest
    • Lat Pulldown
    • Hi Pull
    • Row
  • New Life Fitness Total Access Chest Press (This piece allows easy access for handicapped users)
  • New Life Fitness Insignia Incline Press
  • New Life Fitness Insignia Arc Leg Press
  • Back Hyperextension
  • 2 new adjustable benches
  • 1 rack of dumbbells, 5-50 lbs.
  • Life Fitness S180 Station in Turf Area
    • 40lb Heavy Bag
    • Kettlebells up to 50lb.
    • TRX
    • Land mine
    • Bosu Ball
    • Battle Ropes
    • Sled
    • Foam Rollers
    • Slam Balls
    • Adjustable Boxes
    • Pull-up bar
  • CardioZone
    • 4 Matrix Stair Climbers
    • 12 Matrix Treadmills
    • 8 LifeFitness Ellipticals
Recovery Zone

Wind down and let your heart and muscles recover in this quiet, low-light area. There are several stretching apparatuses to use that are great for all levels.


  • True Stretch Cage
  • Precor Stretch Trainer
  • Technogym Flexibility Posterior
  • Mats
  • Raised stretching platform
  • Stability Balls
  • Foam Rollers
  • Yoga straps/blocks
Group Exercise and MindBody Zones
  • All Equipment Provided
  • MyZone Heart Rate Display
  • In-App Class Reservations

Mind/Body Zone

  • Mood Lighting
  • All Equipment Provided
  • In-App Class Reservations


  • Concert-Quality Audio and Visuals with 100' Projection Screen
  • On-Demand Virtual Content
  • Small Studio Feel
  • NEW Keiser Bikes
  • In-App class reservations
  • Towel Service

Read all our Pool Rules and Policies here.


Indoor Lap Pool


  • 4 Lap lanes
  • 25 yards in length
  • 16-person hot tub
  • Group Exercise Classes
  • ADA handicap accessible Pool-Lift chair

Read more about our lap pool etiquette, reservations, rules and more here.

Indoor Family Aquatic Center


  • Heated to 82 degrees
  • Zero Depth Entry Pool
  • Water Slide
  • Pool features and fountains
  • 8 7 ft. Deep End
  • Certified Lifeguards
  • Swim Lessons with American Red Cross Certified Instructors
    Group, Private, Semiprivate, and Kids Rec/Pre-Swim Team
    Ages 6 months - adults
  • Adaptive Swim Lessons with Swim Angelfish Certified Instructors
  • Group Exercise Classes
  • American Red Cross Certification Courses

Outdoor Family Aquatic Center

Open May 24, 2024 


  • Heated to 82 Degrees
  • 3 lap lanes
  • Water Slide
  • Zero Depth Entry Pool
  • Pool Features and Fountains
  • Certified Lifeguards
  • 6 Cabanas
  • Lounge Chairs
  • Grills Available
  • Cornhole Available
  • Sun Deck
  • Tables with umbrellas
  • Camp Swim Lessons
  • Reservations Required
  • Dedicated Infant Room
  • Active Play Toddler Area
  • Creative and Focused Toddler Play Area
  • Secured Entry
  • Interactive Projector
  • Youth Strength Circuit
  • Air Hockey
  • Light Wall
  • Family orientated physical activities
Indoor Recreation

Full sized gymnasium for

  • 2 Racquetball courts
  • Indoor track
Outdoor Recreation
  • Outdoor tennis courts
  • Outdoor multi-purpose courts for basketball and pickleball
  • Grassy area for fun and relaxation
  • Softball/multipurpose fields
  • Low Ropes Course (use by programs only)
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Sun deck for lounging
  • New kids playground
  • Grills for member use
  • Three men's and women's locker rooms
  • Individual bathrooms w/private showers
  • Steam Rooms & Saunas in Women's and Men's Adult Locker Rooms
  • Rental lockers available for members (see Welcome Desk for info)
  • Bring your own lock and use one of our lockers for the day (must remove lock and items when you leave)

Locker Rentals

See the Welcome Center to rent a locker long-term