Exercising during pregnancy and after is one of the best things you can do for you and your baby.
These specialized programs were designed for the unique needs of pregnant and postpartum women to help you achieve or continue your fitness goals through a balance of strength and cardio training and therapeutic exercise.

Why take part in a specialized program: 

• Learn appropriate and safe exercises for each stage of pregnancy and beyond.
• Benefit from the unique expertise and passion of The Works’ Training Academy Coaches.
• Enhance or maintain your fitness in a fun and supportive environment.  

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy:

• Minimizes Excess Weight Gain
• Reduces Risk of Gestational Diabetes
• Reduces Risk of High Blood Pressure
• Helps Prevent Pregnancy Pains and Injuries
• Reduces Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion, Bloating, Swelling, & Varicose Veins
• Improves Mood, Sleep, Energy, & Self-Esteem
• Facilitates Easier Labor (with less need for medical intervention)

Expedites Postpartum Recovery Exercise Can Improve Common Postpartum Conditions, Including:

• Incontinence
• Diastasis Recti
• Poor Posture and Alignment • Low Back Pain
• Difficulty Lifting
• Weight Gain
• Troubled Sleep

Benefits for Your Baby:

• Improves Placental Function
• Reduces Baby’s Stress During Labor
• Improves Cardiorespiratory Health of Baby, Even Into Childhood
• Reduces Risk of Childhood Obesity
• Improves Intelligence and Memory


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You can try one or BOTH of our new Programs!
FREE Access to Prenatal Aquatics for either program AND Free Physical Therapy Screening, if needed, to address common prenatal and postpartum issues like pain and incontinence. 


Specialized Personal Training

Our prenatal and postpartum personal training provides a flexible mix of virtual and in-person sessions to keep you happy, healthy and motivated!

• One-hour introductory session to understand your current level of fitness and your fitness goals.
• A customized program and support to help you meet those fitness goals.
• Access to customized workouts through The Works Mobile App.
• Weekly virtual check-ins with your dedicated personal trainer.
• Private monthly in-person training sessions to learn and modify exercises based on your progress and body changes.

Personal training can benefit all women - no matter their current fitness levels. You trainer will tailor workouts to you! Women can start as early in pregnancy as they wish. A postpartum program can begin as early as six weeks after delivery with medical clearance.

$129 per month


FREE Monthly Pregnancy or Postpartum Exercise Information Classes

During these monthly classes, pregnant moms and new mothers will come together to learn
about the benefits of exercise and fitness for yourself and baby. Each session will include
demonstrations of exercises and exercise modifications for your needs and an
introduction to The Works equipment.

Registration is required.