Personal Training



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What is it?

Personal Training is a commitment between you and your trainer to work toward your health and fitness goals with your individual needs in mind. We focus on all of the components of fitness to help you incorporate new lifestyle habits, enabling you to obtain your desired fitness level. We offer a variety of training options curtailed to what would best suit you and your goals.

Who are we?

We pride ourselves on being the premier destination for Personal Training in the Seacoast region. Our Personal Trainers have multiple specialties including rehabilitation and injury, senior fitness, nutrition education, youth fitness, functional training, bodybuilding, and sport-specific conditioning. Pending your specific goal, we have the perfect trainer for you. All of our Personal Trainers are nationally certified and/or have earned their college degree in a health related field.

Why use a Personal Trainer?

Everyone can benefit from a trainer. If you are new to the exercise world and don’t know where to begin, a trainer can offer the knowledge and expertise to create an individualized plan to get you started. Most people need the accountability, motivation and guidance of a trainer to help reach their goals.

Are you a seasoned gym-goer? Most find they plateau and get stuck in the same routine. The body grows with change. A trainer is a great resource to change up your routine and raise the bar to help reach those goals.

Buddy Training

Take your personal training up a notch with a partner! Our coaches will work with you both at the same time to help you both meet your goals!

How do I get started?

We highly recommend scheduling a Fitness Consultation to better assess your goals and individual needs. This will help us properly match you up with the appropriate trainer. Feel free to contact Corinne at 603-742-2163, ext. 814 or email Corinne Cannata to schedule your appointment.

Virtual Personal Training!

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See pricing below:

Package Member Rate
1x/week one-on-one $65 $260 $70 $280
2x/week one-on-one $63 $504 $68 $544
3x/week one-on-one $61 $732 $66 $792
1x/week BUDDY $42 $168 $47 $188
2x/week BUDDY $40 $320 $45 $360
3x/week BUDDY $38 $456 $43 $516