Registered Dietitians

Services available in Somersworth and Portsmouth

Call us at 603-742-2163 x731 for more information and to schedule an appointment!

  • Wentworth-Douglass Somersworth Campus, 23 Works Way, Somersworth NH
  • Wentworth-Douglass Portsmouth Campus, 67 Corporate Drive, Bldg. A, Suite 200.

What is it?

An individualized nutrition program designed to help you achieve optimal wellbeing. Our dietitians provide education and counseling on a variety of topics including weight loss, disease prevention and sports nutrition. Whatever your goals are, we are here to support you to help you achieve them.

Why seek guidance from a Registered Dietitian?

A Registered Dietitian is a licensed professional who provides medical nutrition therapy.

Dietitians can help you:

  • Establish a customized nutrition plan
  • Learn how to eat healthfully
  • Develop new habits to support your goals
  • Identify strategies for success
  • Implement your wellness plan

We bill medical insurance and are in-network with most plans. Services provided to both members and non-members.

How to navigate your insurance:

Most medical insurance plans cover nutrition counseling and our providers are in network with many carriers. To learn your coverage, call your insurance provider and ask:

  • Do they cover the individual CPT code 97802?
  • How many visits are covered?
  • Does the coverage require a diagnosis such as diabetes, prevention, obesity or overweight?
  • They may ask for the provider's name and NPI. They are listed under the Wentworth-Douglass Physician Corporation. Tax ID #02-0497927

Interested in getting started?
If you are part of the Wentworth-Douglass Hospital and Mass General Brigham system, have your provider send a referral electronically.
If out of network, have your physician fill out our referral form and fax it back to The Wellness Center at 603-609-6306.

Download your referral form here
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