Small Group Training

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Goal-Based Small Group Training

Mix and match classes from the schedule. Not sure which classes are right for you? We can help. Email Corinne to get started! Not only do you have well-qualified professional coaches in our new updated Works Training Academy but you also have access to all The Works has to offer!

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Small Group Training Class Descriptions:

(Class offerings subject to change.)


Build stability, overall strength and power with the use of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and other modalities to increase lean muscle and change body composition! Move with dynamic multi-functional exercises that train core stabilizers to increase agility, balance movement patterns and reduce risk of injury. You'll also love the addition of Mobility to keep joints and muscle at full range of motion to keep you moving with confidence!

EXTREME AQUATICS (Offered Seasonally)

Next level aqua! Bring goggles and an open mind. Using the shallow and deep ends of the pool to challenge breathing, increase cardiovascular health, and push limits. Above and below the water using ballistic movements and sprinting underwater using weights. Must be comfortable in the water without a flotation device.

This class meets weekly in the FAC and is part of the Small Group Training Program led by a Certified Personal Trainer.


This is a free weight strength program with cardio intervals such as, Tabata and metabolic conditioning!
Recommended for intermediate to advanced. Give it a try! Our coach will guide you through it all!


This is a small group training class focusing on the education of how to perform the proper lifts and techniques in weight training. Class members will feel comfortable taking these exercises out onto the fitness floor during their independent workouts or find these workouts helpful in the additional classes they take. We will utilize barbells, kettlebells, and cables. This class is weight training for muscle definition and enhanced strength.


This small group training focuses in on the muscles of the upper and lower body to maximize strength and definition. Each week clients will learn different lifting techniques and focused movements to achieve superior muscle definition and enhanced strength.


Function will teach your body how to properly activate the muscles required to perform your daily tasks, ensuring you are doing your part in injury prevention, improved movement mechanics and overall stability, flexibility and balance. This class includes strength training, cardiovascular work and balance/coordination exercise with a focus on core strength and proper form Function also features a corrective exercise program based on increasing the functionality of movement and to improve your overall quality of life.


High intensity workout using MMA style drills, heavy bag work, jump ropes, and other various equipment to get you into fighting shape. No sparring in class. Conditioning only. Boxing gloves required.

Specialty WTA Class: Women With Weights, Volleyball Strength and Conditioning, Youth Training Academy, High School Strength and Conditioning WOMEN WITH WEIGHTS

Ongoing enrollment while space allows. See schedule.


  • Learn and feel confident about barbell movements, while improving strength and stamina over a period of 8 weeks.
  • Learn Barbell Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press & more.
  • Learn to progress your lifting, getting stronger each week, with program design.
  • Build strong and supportive friendships with other women who are also on their fitness journey.

Program fee: $120 for 4 weeks
Open to the public while space allows


Ages 12-16

Pricing for YTA varies based on session term. Contact Coach Hunter for details.

The Youth Academy puts a focus on safe, effective and efficient youth physical development accomplished through a progressive fitness curriculum. The Youth Academy will teach its students the fundamentals of exercise to better prepare them for activities that they endure throughout the day. The curriculum will build on these fundamentals, ensuring they establish safe and proper exercise techniques as they progress through the program. This is ideal for any young athlete looking to establish strength, improve the way they move and develop healthy habits for a lifetime.

  • Safe and effective progressive program for youth
  • Learn and improve upon exercise fundamentals
  • Establish healthy exercise habits


Above description applies for high school athletes. Pricing for YTA varies based on session term.

In between seasons? Looking to improve strength, speed, agility and stamina? This program is for you!
Grab a teammate and come as a group or as an individual.

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Seasonal Programs


Strength-specific training that improves power, strength and balance to enhance volleyball skills and performance. Recommended for entering Grade 9 through 12

Please contact Coach Hunter for this registration. This program may be seasonal.
Contact Hunter here.

$96 for 4weeks (8 Sessions)


8 Week Seasonal Spring Program
Find your best swing! Coach Darcy will help get ready to tee-off with this class designed to improve core strength, flexibility, and rotational power! Shave points off your game using TRX, therapy bands, medicine balls and various flexibility exercises.

This program includes a 15 minute injury screening with Wentworth-Douglass Hospital Rehabilitation Services Titleist Certified Level 1 Physical Therapists, Ryan Hubbard or Kyle Thomas Estelle, PT, DPT!
(TPI assessment, a balance, mobility and flexibility assessment)

8 Session Pricing: $120 for Members | Community

For more info and to request registration and set up your PT Screening, scan code or Email Corinne.


Contact Corinne for more information
Meets twice-a-week

6 Week Program! Get ready for your 5k! Beginner program This small group program will be individualized to meet your needs. What is your personal best? Find it here! Coach Hunter will work with you on your personal goals, in a group setting! Each Individual will have their own plan as part of your program!

12 Session Pricing: $180 for members. Special introductory rate for non-members is the same as the member rate. Limited time.

Small Group Training Pricing

Small Group Training: We offer single sessions and packages.
You may use your sessions towards any of our WTA classes listed on the schedule except Programs noted below. (Priced separately)

Member Total Cost
  • 1 Session: $15.00
  • 4 Sessions: $54.00
  • 8 Sessions: $100.00
  • 12 Sessions: $144.00
  • 16 Sessions: $176.00
  • 20 Sessions: $209.00
Program Pricing (These sessions are time-limited and are not part of our SGT Pricing schedule.)
  • Women with Weights: $120 for 8 Sessions. Each WWW program may vary. 4-week commitment is encouraged as your coach programs this class for participants.
    Caley's class meets 3x's/week. Harmani's class meets 1x/week.
  • Volleyball Strength & Conditioning (entering HS-Senior): $96 for 4 weeks (8 Sessions)
  • HS Strength & Conditioning: $96 for 4 weeks (8 Sessions) (By Request)
  • Youth Training Academy: $80 for 4 weeks (8 Sessions) (By Request)
  • Tee Time: $120 for 8 weeks (8 Sessions) Spring offering
  • Running Works: $180 for 6 weeks (12 Sessions) (By Request)

Restrictions may apply.

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