Member Orientation Program

We look forward to assisting you on your successful journey! What is a Member Orientation?

Every new adult member received a FREE Member Orientation! This is included with your membership! If you are already a member and would like to discuss is a Member Orientation is for you, reach out to our Fitness Manager, Corinne, to get started!

Congratulations on your decision to pursue a more active, healthy and happier lifestyle! Whether you have joined our facility to lose weight, use the pools, get to another level of fitness or simply to spend more time with your family and friends, our Member Orientation is for you!

Our individualized appointment can meet your needs based on your current fitness level. Brand new to seasoned pro, our team can help!

The Works Fitness Consultation is your guide to accomplishing your short and long-term goals.

What to expect from your Member Orientation:
  • Help develop a pathway to success with your health and fitness goals
  • Feel more comfortable at the facility and become a part of The Works family
  • Motivation to accomplish your goals
  • Education about the variety of exercise options we have offer that’s right for you
  • An optional body composition test with the use of our InBody equipment
  • If interested in a short, basic exercise machine orientation, please dress comfortably

If you would like your body composition tested, it is suggested that you follow these recommendations:

  • Do not have chocolate, soft drinks, coffee, tea or cigarettes for 8 hours prior to the appointment as these will affect the results of some of the assessments
  • Do not exercise 12 hours prior to the appointment
How do I schedule my Member Orientation?

If you are a new member, you most likely were given the opportunity to schedule your consultation at your membership appointment.

If you are a current member and never had a consultation, or just need a “refresher”, please contact Corinne at 603-742-2163, ext. 814. or email Corinne to schedule your consultation.

*Please note: If you cannot make your appointment, please call and let us know as soon as possible with at least 24 hours notice.