NEW! Services available in Somersworth and NEW LOCATION- Portsmouth!

Schedule your appointment at our new, additional space, Wentworth-Douglass Portsmouth Campus, 67 Corporate Drive, Bldg. A, Suite 200. To schedule, call us at 603-742-2163 x731.

What is it?

An individualized nutrition program designed to help you achieve optimal wellbeing. Our dietitians provide education and counseling on a variety of topics including weight loss, disease prevention and sports nutrition. Whatever your goals are, we are here to support you to help you achieve them.

Why seek guidance from a Registered Dietitian?

An RD is legally qualified to provide medical nutrition therapy.

Dietitians can help you:

  • Establish a customized nutrition plan
  • Learn how to eat healthfully
  • Develop new habits to support your goals
  • Identify strategies for success
  • Implement your wellness plan

We bill medical insurance and are in-network with most plans. Services provided to both members and non-members.

How to navigate your insurance:

Most medical insurance plans cover nutrition counseling and our providers are in network with many carriers. To learn your coverage, call your insurance provider and ask:

  • Do they cover the individual CPT code 97802?
  • How many visits are covered?
  • Does the coverage require a diagnosis such as diabetes, prevention, obesity or overweight?
  • If a referral or prior authorization is required? If yes, fax to 603-749-4907 prior to the appointment. Ask about our Registered Dietitians: (Listed under the Wentworth-Douglass Physicians Corporation)
    • Erika Behrmann, NP1 #1477194413
    • Kristin Davis, NPI #1750847828
    • Amy Caro NPI #1982238788
    • Rebecca Heanssler, NPI #1174287635

Interested in getting started?
If you are part of the WDH system, have your provider send a referral electronically.
If out of network, have your physician fill out our referral form and fax it back to Tiffany Moore at 603-609-6306.

Download your referral form here
Fueling for Your Activity Guide "If you exercise, you're an athlete"

Read all about it here.

Registered Dietitian, Erika presents this in-depth look at fueling for your activities!

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