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Please update your app in the App Store. (Directions below)

Please note- we also have a Member Portal app. Instructions on how to download can be found here

If you have issues with logging in, please contact Netpulse support at [email protected] or within the app under the profile sidebar, click "support" and complete the form. 

CURRENT APP USERS: (Before January 29, 2020)

If you are a current user, you will be automatically logged out on Wednesday and prompted to set up a new login. Not a user yet? Skip this section and scroll down! 

In an effort to keep your The Works experience fresh and exciting, we're proud to announce the upcoming new and improved The Works app! With this update comes a more intuitive login process, as well as a variety of performance enhancements.

This update will require you to change how you login to the app. This only applies to those who have used the app in the past or are current users. Instead of your xID & passcode, you will now use your email & password.

Follow these simple steps:
1) Click "LOGIN"
2) Enter your xID (Often this is your 10-digit phone number)
3) Enter your passcode (4 digits) or reset your passcode if you cannot remember 4) Create your new password

(If prompted, enter your last name, home club and membership barcode)

If you are a Myzone user, please note that your new email login MUST be use the same email that you use with Myzone in order for the platforms to connect. They will connect automatically and your workouts recorded with Myzone will show up in your feed.

Here's how to access:
Powered by Netpulse, our App can be found on the App Store or Google Play. 
Search for: "Netpulse the works", click below or use your smartphone to scan the QR code:

Google Play: 

In just a few simple steps you will be on your way. Take some time to become familiar! If you have questions with troubleshooting your login please contact Netpulse App support. 

We have just a FEW really important items to share for everyone... 
  • Download your app and create your login! 
  • Get your key tag out and enter it into the App! Navigate to the top left of the app screen and see the tiny barcode? Click it! Follow the prompts and take a photo of your scan tag or enter your barcode number! You can now check-in with your saved barcode right from the App! (Some long barcodes may need to be clicked on once saved in order to be read properly by the scanner.) 
  • NOTIFICATIONS- We recommend you keep this feature turned on! We will use the App (in addition to social media and our website) for important club closures, changes, cancellations!  We will also have the ability to notify you of special deals and challenges. 
  • Set some Goals! Click the Goal Center Tile and get started! (NEW features coming later in 2020)
  • Record a workout!
    • Connect your wearables! Click Connected Apps to find if your device or app is included! Watch your workouts record automatically! 
    • No wearable? Use xCapture! You can take a photo of your screen on our cardio equipment and log your workout for you! MAGICAL! (OR you can also enter a workout manually!)
Please note: if you connect and use more than one connected app, you may duplicate your workout entry. If this occurs please contact Netpulse in order to remove. 

Joining a Challenge 

Technical issues, password or user iD issues are supported within the App by Netpulse. 
Contact Netpulse here.

  1. Look under "Challenge" tile on your app.
  2. Click the challenge listed.
  3. Accept the challenge.
  4. Log your workouts indicated either through a connected device/wearable OR Manually log your workout.
  5. Watch the leaderboard! 

How to manually log your workout:

  1. Click Workout tile
  2. Go to "Quick Actions" and scroll to the exercise required to count towards your challenge.
  3. Click that activity.
  4. Select your time and MILES you complete (if needed) (Enter by touching the boxes that show "miles")
  5. Click "Complete Workout"

DO NOT DOUBLE LOG. If you are using a wearable (Garmin, Apple, etc.) and tracking on your wearable as a swim, this will automatically be added to your challenge. Please check your Activity Feed to confirm. Check the Leaderboard in the Challenge often!

Good Luck! 




There's so much more but give this a try. 
Technical issues, password or user iD issues are supported within the App by Netpulse. 
Contact Netpulse here.