Carrie Bunnell

Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant

photo of Carrie Bunnell

Phone: 603-742-2163 x863

My life has always been focused around athletics and exercise. I grew up being a three sport athlete and later went on to play basketball in college where my love for the field of exercise science first caught my eye. I never realized the importance of a good strength program until I was involved in one myself. From this point on it has been what I have dedicated my life to doing. I have had the opportunity to witness first hand what an impact a personal trainer can have on someone’s life. It is for this reason that I find great joy in doing what I do. I take a personalized approach to each person I work with and make sure what I am doing is meeting their specific needs. It has been my experi-ence that asking for help is the biggest hurdle to overcome and I want to make that each and every person I work with feels comfortable but challenged at the same time. I like to create fun and unique training programs to keep clients engaged but also to keep their goals in mind. Fitness is my passion and it is my goal to share it with as many people as possible.