Private Lessons

We currently have a waitlist for Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please fill out and the submit the form below.

Private Lessons

One-on-One customized lessons teaching swim skills and water safety with one of our experienced and certified swim instructors.

Semi-Private Lessons

A bridge between a private lesson and a group experience, where we identify the shared goals of the swimmers and support them both to attain swim skills. Participants of around the same skill level must sign up together, The Works does not match swimmers for semi-private lessons.

Adaptive Lessons

Adaptive swim lessons are designed specifically for individuals with disabilities or special needs. These lessons aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to learn how to swim, improve their swimming skills and gain water safety awareness.
Our instructors are certified in the Swim Whisperers® Program and are specifically trained to work with individuals with a wide range of disabilities, including physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities. They are skilled in using our unique Swim Whisperers® methodology to adapt lessons to meet the unique needs of each student, while prioritizing safety.


Private Swim Lesson Request

One-time Adaptive Swim Lesson
Member: $40.00 / Community: $50.00

Member: $210.00 / Community: $250.00

Member: $150.00 / Community: $180.00

Water Works
$30.00 rate (Contact here for more information)

Private Swim Lessons:
30-Minute Private Lesson: Member: $55 / Community: $65
Package: 6 Private Lessons (30 minutes each):
Member: $200 / Community: $260

Package: 6 Semi-Private Lessons (30 minutes each):
Member: $140 / Community: $170