Indoor Pickleball

Reservation Play AND Open Play (3 courts )
Hours: 6am-12pm

Monday PM
5:30-10pm – Open Play (1 court B)
Open Play ONLY (1 court B)
Friday AM
6am-9am – Open Play (1 court B)
Sunday PM
5:00pm-7:00pm – Open AND Reservation Play (3 courts)
7:00pm-10pm – Open Play (1 court B)
Pickleball Expectations:
During Open Play the expectation is that Rotational Play will occur when necessary. If you want to play with certain people and certain people only, please make reservations during our reservation blocks.

See Gymnasium calendar here  for indoor schedule.

Pickleball paddles and balls are available (while supplies last) to loan at the Welcome Center.
Open play = First-come, first-serve for pickleball or basketball, or BOTH! Please share the court

*Programs may take precedence. 


  • Pickleball is free for members
  • Community - $10/per person. Must be registered in Reservation Play. *If community member wants to attend open play days it is a regular guest pass fee*

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Pickleball Lessons

Contact us through Team Reach to request a 1 hour lesson.
Saturday morning and Wednesday evening availability.
Member Pricing: $35 | Community: $45 

Pickleball Skills Clinics

Saturday, November 11th: 7:30a-9:30a (3 courts unless 6 or less registered)
Tuesday, November 14th: 8pm-10pm (3 courts unless 6 or less registered)
Tuesday, November 21st: 8:00pm-10pm (3 courts unless 6 or less registered)
Saturday, November 25th: 7:30a-9:30a (3 courts unless 6 or less registered)
Indoor pickleball can be different than an outdoor game, but we're hoping we can help! This will be an open drills time where you can come to fine tune your skills in preparation for the indoor season.  Please reach out to Cailinn at [email protected] with any questions!

Cost per clinic:
Member: $10
Non-Member: $15
Pickleball Pizza Social
Monday, November 13th 

We're celebrating the one-year anniversary of pickleball play here at The Works! Come enjoy some pizza, enter a raffle, and get to know other players within our program.  

Member: Free! A member may bring one non-member for free as well
Non-Member: $10

 Questions or to request a spot  for lessons or clinics, please complete our form here


What is Rotational Play and How to Utilize It:

"Group or Rotational" pickleball play starts if there are more than 8 players playing at the courts.

  • Play games to 11
  • If playing 2-out 2-in, winners stay on the court and split up
  • If playing 4-out 4-in all 4 players leave
  • 2 new players join or new 4 players take court  
  • If 8 or less waiting to play, 2-out 2-in  
  • If 9 or more waiting to play, 4-out 4-in  
  • When playing 2-out 2-in, 2 game limit per player (win or lose)
  • Line up paddles from left to right on the ground to indicate who is next in line (furthest left is next player in queue)
  • To start match, team on the side of the club serves first